Lifestyle Holiday Vacations Deal in Dubai is a Win for Members Seeking Luxury Escape

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The jaw-dropping progress that Dubai has seen since its so-called “oil era” is indeed impressive. It demonstrates that a world-class tourism destination can still take hold in the modern era as infrastructure is built up. The United Arab Emirates destination along the Persian Gulf can serve as a warm-weather escape or bucket list essential for globe-trotters. With this in mind, Lifestyle Holiday Vacations recently entered into an agreement with Al Habtoor Group that saw the former expand its portfolio thanks to the latter’s existing offerings. It’s truly the best of both worlds for both groups – and it’s a win-win for Lifestyle Holiday Vacations shareholders, members and VIPs.

The network that Al Habtoor Group already operated in Dubai was impressive to say the least: 14 world-class hotels as well as Al Habtoor City, which is a leisure and residential destination in Dubai. The amenities that these structures offer are also impossible to beat when searching for a local hotel. World-class restaurants and bars and complemented by around-the-clock gyms and countless entertainment options for guests of all ages. It’s easy to see why Lifestyle Holiday Vacations counts this freshly-inked deal as a “win.”

“Lifestyle Holiday Vacations is continuing to grow its brand footprint in the hospitality industry by expanding into the highly luxurious destination of Dubai, which entertains millions of international travelers each year,” the company’s president said in 2019. More specifically, the deal will see the brand add resorts to the offerings that members can select from when traveling. The deal also solidifies the brand’s global reach within “choice” cities and ensures both current and future members will be able to enjoy the ultimate in vacation experiences. It’s the amenities that are going to help make this happen, and they are worth mentioning here: private balconies, beachfront views, snorkeling trips, illuminated tennis courts, polo academies, golf courses, spas, rooftop swimming pools, shuttle services, fitness centers and so much more.

“We are excited at the potential that such an exotic location offers our LHVC members,” Lifestyle Holiday Vacation’s president added in a mid-2019 statement. “This exciting new deal allows LHVC to become one of Dubai’s premier high-end destinations continuing our promise of the ultimate experience in premier amenities and services.” Those who’ve always wanted to travel to a destination unlike where they reside are encouraged to research Dubai and experience first-hand the attractions that currently await.

Now’s the Time to Start Planning your Winter Get-Away to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

lifestyle holidays vacation club

Depending on where you live, the tell-tale signs of fall’s approach are either evident by the changing of the leaves or the shifting of the calendar from August to September. October and November are months where many U.S. residents want to spend time outdoors appreciating the sights, sounds and smells. The same isn’t so true for January and February, when bitter cold keeps many of us indoors and severely limits pleasurable activity – unless of course you’ve booked an escape with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. This is a members-only experience, but it’s all-inclusive and you’ll be treated like a VIP for your entire stay at properties across the Dominican Republic. We know it’s difficult to think about crippling snowstorms when the leaves are just now starting to turn brown. After reading this article from Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, we hope you’ll come to appreciate the perks that come with planning ahead.

Seasonal depression is a very real mental health issue for those who are forced during the winter to spend prolonged periods indoors with very little sunlight. According to, “winter depression is still a mystery to scientists who study it. Many things, including brain chemicals, ions in the air, and genetics seem to be involved.” The kicker here is that people who are apparently sensitive to a lack of light may be predisposed to suffering from seasonal depression. To combat these feelings, why not spend these first weeks of fall locking in your vacation plans for winter? With the knowledge that private beaches, tiki bars, scuba-diving trips and nature hikes are just a few months away, you’ll probably start feeling better.

As we’ve mentioned a few times already, however, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members will need to have goals set so they can book their trip at least four months in advance. This is according to, which advises international fliers to pick a Sunday in September to secure their seats. “Our data from 2018 indicates that booking in September can save as much as 6 percent on flights compared to the average yearly flight price,” the article states. Seeing as we’re smack in the middle of September, it may be time to commit to your vacation plans to the Dominican Republic.

It may seem strange to start thinking about a warm-weather get-away when the temperatures in your town are still hovering around the 70 to 80-degree mark. As evidenced above, this is statistically the smartest time to start thinking about world-class golf courses, island adventures and al fresco dining at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Markus Wischenbart Anxiously Awaits Elegant Wedding to be held in Serbia

With the old world beauty of Vienna, Austria as the backdrop, Markus Wischenbart wed Mrs. Irena Markovic-Wischenbart this past summer. The ceremony cemented the bond between two proven business leaders and entrepreneurs: Wischenbart is owner and president of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club/Resorts and Markovic-Wischenbart is owner and CEO of Lifestyle Properties. As luck (or fate) would have it, these two operations are entirely independent of each other and only share the world “Lifestyle” in their respective names. It’s a small coincidence to say the least and both found the irony quite funny as their relationship grew. 

The wedding itself in the European city of Vienna, where some 1.8 million people call home, was actually a small affair. That’s not to say that just Markus Wischenbart and Mrs. Irena Markovic-Wischenbart were in attendance. Rather, close friends of family of both Wischenbart and Markovic-Wischenbart came to celebrate the wedding. What’s more, the couple are in the planning stages of a second – and much more lavish – wedding that will be held later in 2019. It’s true that most couples don’t hold two weddings within the same year, but the couple felt that it was only right to have a ceremony where it would be easier for friends and family to commute to. Thus, this wedding will be held in Irena Markovic-Wischenbart’s native land of Serbia. More specifically, the wedding will be held in the capital city of Belgrade and the recently-wed couple can’t wait to celebrate among the rest of their family and social circle.  

After this second celebration, it’ll be back to work for Markus Wischenbart Mrs. Markovic-Wischenbart. Markus Wischenbart will be kept plenty busy with planning and management duties that come from running a vacation club in the Dominican Republic. To earn the positive reputation that his companies have amassed over time, Mr. Wischenbart will tell you that it takes time and foresight to business knowledge to offer desirable attractions. This includes members-only restaurants, private beaches, exclusive clubs, VIP catering, golf courses and many nightlife options. Mrs. Markovic-Wischenbart’s professional career has been equally exciting and rewarding. As the CEO of a real estate company, she’s kept tabs on housing trends while moonlighting as an award-winning event planner whose monthly club nights have gone on for many consecutive years.  

While the upcoming wedding in Serbia is bound to be an affair to remember, both Markus Wischenbart and his new wife are happy to get back to the day-to-day of running a business. 

About Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Locations

lifestyle holidays vacation club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has several locations that are as unique as they are beautiful. With accommodations in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers Caribbean vacation experiences unlike you’ll find anywhere else.

To learn more about the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club locations, here’s an overview of their history and signature features.

Dominican Republic

The famous explorer Christopher Columbus once called the Dominican Republic “The most beautiful land eyes have ever seen.” The Dominican Republic is more than just pristine beaches and a laid-back lifestyle, it is a country that is rich in history and served as a connection between Europe and the Caribbean.

Columbus and his brother Bartolomeo founded and established much of the Dominican Republic, which is home to many historic Spanish-Colonial sites and architecture that dates back more than five centuries.

The Dominican Republic is a gorgeous Caribbean country where you’ll find mountains, rapids, rainforests, beaches and palm trees. Not to mention the friendly smiles of the country’s multi-cultural residents.

Puerto Plata: This charming city is located on the northern shore of the Dominican Republic. This extravagant coastal city has a vibrant history that consists of multiple cultures. Besides its incredible beauty and history, Puerto Plata has also quickly become a favorite destination of vacationers throughout the world because of the galleries, gift shops, and cafes that are spread throughout its Victorian mansions.

Punta Cana: Punta Cana is the culmination of all that people love about the Dominican Republic. From elegant beaches to clear ocean water and sunny blue skies, Punta Cana has it all. It is located in the eastern-most province in the Dominican Republic and it is best known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise-colored waters. Punta Cana is home to many resorts that display architecture and interior design that reflects Spanish, Mexican and native Dominican cultures.


Mexico is full of ancient history sites that date back to the Mayan Empire, luxurious resorts, and tons of tropical paradise. Vacationers can explore Chichen Itza, the ancient capital city of the Mayan Empire, or take in the breathtaking Mexican landscape by visiting Tulum or Xel-Ha aquarium and park. Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, Mexico has tons to offer those who love spending their days on the water. Whether you’re looking for total relaxation or plenty of family-friendly activities, Mexico has it all.


In conversation with Markus Wischenbart

The President of Lifestyle Holidays talks tourism, business and the Lifestyle you deserve!


Since his arrival to the DR tourism sector Markus Wischenbart has epitomized his motto “Everything is Possible” from the beginning in 2002 Markus had a vision of VIP and luxury, fast forward 16 years later, under Mr. Wischenbart’s expert hand Lifestyle Holidays has grown into a VIP empire encompassing 25 different resorts across 8 different geographical locations. The main base of operations is where it all began, Cofresi, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Speaking to us from his office, Mr. Wischenbart is very candid about the growth of the resort, explaining that the complex receives annually 484,294 stays or overnight stays, “These numbers only reaffirm that the resort is enjoying a good flow of tourists to the area, from our members, returning guests or first time travelers to the D.R my target was to reach half a million and we are on track to do just that”


Mr. Wischenbart has proved himself to be a major contributor to the countries tourism economy but also of the local economy, with the company employing over 3,000 employees in the Puerto Plata region alone, “our employees are at the very heart of what we offer, my vision has always been that Lifestyle Holidays should be the vanguard in VIP service, and our employees help deliver this daily, our most important asset always has been and will be our employees”


Mr. Wischenbart stressed that the main focus point of any hotel and resort is personal treatment with guests, this helps deliver a vacation experience second to none.


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